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Dulux Heritage Range

As members of the Dulux Select scheme, we recently received a package to promote the new Heritage range. Its no secret I have a love for the Farrow and Ball / Little Greene colour palette so when Dulux announced this I was excited.

I was impressed with the well presented sample pack, which included 2 colour cards, a dongle loaded with information about the product range, 3 sample boards and a tester pot! The sample boards featured the Heritage Eggshell, Flat Matt and my favourite the Velvet Matt.

I was automatically drawn to the Velvet Matt which promised a luxury washable emulsion with a soft to touch finish! The sample board was true to its word, a soft finish which was indeed washable, but the tester pot was still to be reviewed.

Fortunately at the time I received the package, I was in the middle of decorating our new addition to the family nursery, so I had the perfect place to test it. After a quick stir and a dash of water we was ready to go. My 1st thought on applying was it drag, but I was expecting that. The colour we received was the stunning Oxford Blue, and the coverage over the brown wall was amazing! 1 coat covered. Following the spec we allowed 4 hours to dry before we did a light sand down and apply the 2nd coat. The 2nd coat went on with so much ease and the finish was flawless! When I went back to the painted area the next day to test the smooth I was very impressed, so much so I called the wife to see for herself.

One of the projects I had underway was a cinema room with bar and I automatically decided that this paint was for that job! Although the colour had been chosen, Farrow and Ball Brinjal, I discussed with the clients and although a little reluctant due to a new product they accepted. This was another winner for me as Dulux allowed me to use my colour scanner to match the colour! We are now part way through the cinema room and just waiting for the bar to be fitted so we can apply one last coat, we are fully aware that walls are going to be damaged in order for the bar to be fitted, but the customer is very satisfied with the smooth finish.

These sort of finishes can come across as a bit of a gimmick but I will definitely be recommending this product and the colours are stunning. It is not the chalky feel that you get with Farrow and Ball, something totally different, and in my opinion better suited to a family home.

If you wish anymore information regarding the new Heritage range please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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