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Dulux Select Decorator

We have recently become a part of the Dulux Select Decorators scheme, which I believe is a massive opportunity and will guide the business in the direction we want to go.

As someone who grew up in the building trade I have seen a massive change in how the trade has become from multi skilled tradesmen learning of Youtube to false recommendations on social media. You only have to watch t.v to see the bad press the building trade has got. But on the other hand we assume that every tradesman is the to scam you. Its very hard to know genuine from the cowboys. I am very fortunate to work along side some very passionate tradesmen who strive to deliver the customer what they want.

When I heard about Dulux Select I spent months researching the scheme, not just for the benefit of my business but for the customers benefit too! The 1st thing that stood out was the brand Dulux, a company that everyone knows especially the Dulux dog! A brand that is often specified on many contracts. The 2nd and most important is the 2 year guarantee. How great is that to receive a 2 year guarantee from any tradesman.

After a few emails and phone calls with head office we decided to get on board. Sounds simple but it wasn't. I have been part of schemes before, most recently Checkatrade (the less said about that company the better). That was easy to get on with, 20 minutes with a gentleman with no experience in any trade showing him my qualifications and hey presto was part of the company. But Dulux was different, names and numbers of recent customers, a phone call and an on site assessment. The on site assessment was a great experience and confidence boost. It was with Mark, I have actually attended a course in which he taught! Products were discussed, preparation was inspected and something as simple as site tidiness! Mark even took time to have a discussion with our apprentice, rightfully so as she represents the company! To have an experienced decorator, who is now 1 of 5 assessors at a company the size of Dulux, compliment the running of my business made me proud, I believe if you do not take pride in your job you are doomed from the start.

Over in the states all trades have to have a licence for work carried out at $500 and more. That is something I think we could see over here some day. That will come with big benefits. Your guaranteed to get a tradesman who is capable to carry out the tasks, but until then we look forward to being associated with Dulux.

Remember if you do require any building work get at least 3 estimates. Don't just rely on recommendations from friends (it has been know to end friendships) and don't be afraid to ask to visit sites!

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