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Exterior Painting, still too soon?

So here we are 2nd March 2021 still in lock down, who'd of thought it? But there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. Boris has let us know what his plans are, whether or not they change, but more importantly the weather has changed! The past week has been glorious and with the glorious weather comes the phone calls, "We would like our external painting".

As a company my policy is simple, no external painting until mid May to late September. There are many reasons I chose to do this but the main reason is to provide my customer with the best finish and to last all seasons for a many years to come! Whats the point paying someone to call, paint your exterior, pay them then 12 months later it needs to be redone.

When it comes to exterior work 1 very important factor needs to be taken into account, TEMPERATURES! Paint should only be applied in temperatures 8 degrees so that it can fully dry and cure. Although the temperatures are a little warmer now during the day they soon plummet at night, as you may well know as you defrost your car in the morning. This will not be good for freshly painted surfaces causing it to dry flat, and flake when it finally drys.

Weather is another factor, summer is hard enough to predict but March is something else, 2 nd March 2020 we woke up to snow (I got that from a Facebook memory). Situations like this can really have a knock on affect to both you and your trades mans diary.

There are plenty product on the market that are designed to solve these problems but for me you shouldn't rush external painting. After all external work is 1st of all for protection of surface, to avoid rotting, splitting etc.

But as always it is good to plan any sort of work on your property. Get at least 3 quotes, research the materials best suited for the job (your trades man will usually specify but you should still take a look too) and make sure plenty of notice is given! I booked an external job in October 2020 to be done in August 2021.

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