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Kitchen and Furniture Spray Painting

Updated: May 22, 2022

Over the past 12 months I have been looking at ways to bring something different to the business, a service that will benefit the customers. With the new trend of MDF panelling and media walls along with the growing demand for home improvements I was drawn to Spray Painting. I wanted to provide my customers with a show room finish (after all if you picked up your car from the garage after a paint job you would not expect room stipples)!

After researching to benefits of spraying kitchens, media walls and book casings it was a must! A fraction of the price of a new one, less disruption and far superior finish. Over the past few weeks I have attended the Paint Tech Academy where I learnt to improve application technique and product testing.

I am currently constructing a spray booth in which I'll be able to collect furniture and spray away from the job, allow to dry and cure (5-7 days in a room at the right temperature) then taken back to site. This will also benefit the clients who are having kitchen sprayed too, as I can take away the majority of cupboard doors and draws (end panels, kick boards and cupboard carcass will not be removed from site).

As a decorator my job is to give clients the best finish, that is why I have decided to spray not only kitchens and furniture but rooms too, no matter the size! This will include a spray finish to ceiling and woodwork and a roller finish to walls, this allows for touch ups etc.

If spraying is something that may interest you then I'll be happy to discuss this with you and when I attend an estimate I always have sprayed MDF sample boards too. You can also find us on Youtube to view some of our spraying videos and thank you for reading!

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