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No thrills with new builds!

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

So its been a while since we've posted a blog on here and to be honest I wasn't sure I would be. Its been a very difficult year and one which almost saw me close down the business. But after a few tweaks and a lot of note writing we are back. And here we are talking about new builds, and when i say new builds i mean 18 month to 2 years old, when it becomes time to decorate, make your house a home and finally put your mark on it!

After all when you purchase a new build you should be informed of settling, shrinkage and screw pops. All this occurs once plaster has fully dried, doors been regularly closed and general traffic in the house. So we are going to spend some time and give you some home truths about your home!

As a Painter and Decorator I've always said their isn't much money to be made in painting new builds, UNLESS YOU ARE WHAT WE IN THE INDUSTRY CALL A TOSSER. These guys have knack for these sort of jobs. What you have got to realise about new build is that the aim is for turnover, the faster the house gets built the quicker it gets sold, the faster each trade finishes the more money they make (everyone is on a price rather than day rate). This results in a lot of corner cutter, a fellow painter at the company i did my apprenticeship with used to say "its not what you do, its what you don't do where you make your money!" The issue with this is the problems arise 6-12 months down the line, once the cheques cleared and onto the next job.

So I'm going to go through the issues with the Painting side I often come across when we come to redecorate these properties 18 months down the line.

  1. Poor preparation - Timber has not been knotted, filler not rubbed down, wrong filler used in the wrong surfaces.

  2. No mist coating - A lot of the larger sites we come across have never been mist coated, generally 2 thick coats of contract matt using a thick pile roller! This requires some serious preparation when the time comes to redecorate! If you decide to wallpaper and the walls have never been mist coated the wallpaper paste can also cause a reaction with the painted surfaces and lift the paper.

  3. Thick roller marks on the surfaces - using a thick pile roller holds more paint, saving reload time. This causes really bad orange peel, again requires some serious prep!

  4. Painting in damp, cold and dirty areas - when these new builds are put up they are a building site. No lighting, heating, working on top of other trades and a lot of the months are cold, wet and dismal! This will affect paint adhesion. Paint should not be applied below certain temperatures.

  5. Working on top of other trades - This results in finished areas getting damaged, imaging going to someone saying they have to repay to re-paint a full room because someone has damaged your work. On a site of 10+ houses its near impossible to find the culprit, which results in being told just touch it up, causing flashing.

All the customers we deal with involved in these situations on the larger sites are generally told the same thing, its strictly to seal the ares and make it liveable. The only thing to do is grin and bare in for 18 months allow settling to occur and when its time to redecorate start from scratch.

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